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October 11, 2011 at 3:21 am #679
Avatar of Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels

so I headed out kinda late for an evening hunt tonight and as Im walking up the road from my truck and just about to enter onto the trail a car goes by and wouldnt you know its a Orange County Sherriff! so I am 100 percent legal and happen to only be carrying my Bow and he flips a U turn and stops me. Of coarse he is on the suspicious side and asks what Im doing and if I have any fir arms I tell him Im going Hunting because its Hunting season and no I dont have any fire arms but it would be totally legal if I was packing one. he just looks at me bewildered and says your going there ? what about all the people on Bikes I told him I hope I can tell the difference between a Mountain Biker and a Deer he says what if I shoot at a deer and miss and my arrow goes flying I just looked at him and said I have as much legal right to be here as they do so I hope that doesnt happen once again he looks at me bewildered so he takes my name and info then I tell him I know Im gonna sound like an ass but you are really killing my Hunting shooting light and im in a hurry. HE was pretty cool but I hate to think of how it would have gone down if I would have had a rifle slung over my back Im sure I would have had a gun drawn on me and I would have been put face down on the dirt
You would think the local authority’s would notify the deputies that its Hunting season and if they see a person wearing full camo with a bow or rifle they are probably hunting

So when I got home I made a phone call to the Orange County Sherriffs headquarters and gave them my story the lady said she would make a email and send it out Urgent to all departments so this doesnt happen or if it does it doesnt get ugly

These people are so in a Orange County Bubble

Was up with my Brother in law the other morning and a chick Mountain Biker said to us as she passed ” you guys are shooting up here with all these Biker ” I should have said ” You are biking up here with all these Hunters shooting? “

October 11, 2011 at 12:23 pm #680
Avatar of Dave Whitson
Dave Whitson

Exactly !!!

“I should have said ” You are biking up here with all these Hunters shooting? “

October 11, 2011 at 3:52 pm #681
Avatar of BowHunter

Sounds like the OC to me, they just don’t get it…

October 11, 2011 at 8:12 pm #686
Avatar of Jeff Michaels
Jeff Michaels

you would think the Sherriffs dept would brief evyone that they might encounter people in Full camo going into or comming out of the hills carrying weapons

October 13, 2011 at 6:52 am #711
Avatar of spiritwalker

7 years ago I went out for an evening hunt.. someone must have saw me on the road in camo w/rifle walking to the trailhead.. Well, a while later I notice a helicopter circling and getting closer and closer to me.. Through the binos I can see it is Orange County Sheriff.. Well, pretty soon he was circling overhead within rock throwing distance… I could see the pilot’s mustache… after a while I got a bit frustrated cuz well, having a helicopter overhead is not real condusive to deer hunting… So I gave him the universal WTF? gesture and he got on the loud speaker and told me to go back to the trailhead which is about a mile away.. As I get within sight of the trailhead I can see 5 squad cars and officers taking defensive positions.. I get closer and am instructed to put the rifle down.. then get a bit closer hands on head… I notice a guy with an AR pointed at me and another guy next to him with giant binos doing the spotting.. walk backwards… kneel.. full blown felony type stop.. Get searched.. stripped of backpack.. knife.. etc… What are you doing? Um, hunting…. Is it hunting season? Yes… Do you have a hunting license? Yes… What are you hunting for? Deer… Do you have a deer tag? Yes… Is it legal to hunt here… Yes… goes on and on.. They ran the serial number on the gun.. everything checked out… They told me that someone called and said there was a guy with a gun and by law they had to investigate.. I too got the Dont you think it’s dangerous with all the mountain bikers out here? No, I feel perfectly safe :-)

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